At our Auction 13 – Swiss watches

Time always seems to pass faster on Sunday… but we hope that in the morning you still have plenty of time to do everything planned and a well-deserved rest before the hardships of the next working days! Unfortunately, we still have to work today, but looking at the timers that Read more…

At our Auction 13 – Postcards

Today we propose to look at the postcards from the upcoming auction. These small objects, apart from photos, are often the only testimonies of places that no longer exist, such are also at our auction.  

At our Auction 13 – Paintings

This is an Art Auction, so where are the paintings? Don’t worry, they are and will be auctioned on the first day, among them something for lovers of classical painting, for those who like landscapes, for lovers of modern art, and even battle and military art. Zapraszamy