At our Auction 19 – Excellently preserved ort 1677 in a rarer variety

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We are working like a beehive, hard at work on finalizing the Sunday auction and at the same time we are working on the big September auction. Stay with us because every day we will lift the veil of the auction secret 😉 At the same time, we still encourage cooperation in the September auction. If you want to entrust your assets to us, we are fully at your disposal.

Below is a real gem for fans of Jan III Sobieski’s minting. A perfectly preserved 1677 ort in a rarer variety. We definitely recommend it for advanced numismatic collections.

Rarer, early vintage. Obverse variant with 6 stripes crowning the king’s armor. Reverse variant with a curved coat of arms and the initials of Santi de Urbani Bani under the denomination. Excellent, noble, old patina.

Obverse: bust of Jan III Sobieski in a laurel wreath, armour with 6 stripes, a cloak fastened with a jewel, with the order cross on the chest, around the legend: IOAN•III D.G REX POL•M•D•L•R•P•;

Reverse: crowned with a four-arch crown, with 5 fleurons and jewels in a closed rim, a five-field coat of arms shield with the coats of arms of the Crown, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the coat of arms of the Sobieski family – Janina; on the sides of the shield the denomination notation 1-8 and the initials S-B, in the rim a legend divided by the Leliwa coat of arms: MON•NOVA ARG•-REG•POLON•1677;

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