Online auctions

We organize online auctions several times a year. There are selected, the most interesting and the rarest items auctioned.

Auctions are conducted in accordance with global standards in the field of professional service, security and transaction discretion.
Financial, formal and legal services for the transaction are provided.

Detailed information regarding the delivery of items for auction or the conditions of participation in the auction can be found below.

We invite you to participate in our Auction 15!

The Auction 15 will be held on November  11 – 12, 2023!

Items for the Auction 16 are accepted until December 10, 2023!

We cordially invite you to participate in numerous auctions!

The number of items offered and a wide range of themes will make the auction satisfy the most demanding collectors. Items for subsequent auctions will also be carefully selected to meet the expectations of the most demanding collectors.

With collector’s greetings.

RDA team


Auction Regulations

  • The organizer of the auction is Rzeszowski Dom Aukcyjny sp. z O.O. ul. Kilińskiego 2,
    35-005 Rzeszów. NIP: 8133779334
    The auction takes place on behalf of the bidders, on behalf of and for the account of the owners of the items who remain anonymous.
  • The auction fee is 20 % and is added to the amount bid. The fee already includes VAT.
  • The winner of the auction is obliged to settle the payment within 14 days of the end of the auction.
    After this deadline, the Organizer has the right to cancel unpaid auction orders or start charging statutory interest for late payment.
  • The authenticity of the offered items is guaranteed by the Organizer for an indefinite period, unless the description of the given item indicates otherwise.
  • The condition of participation in the auction is prior registration, tantamount to acceptance of these regulations.
  • The Auction Participant is granted an auction spending credit, above which he cannot bid.
  • The Auction Participant may ask for an increase in the credit for expenses, however the Organizer reserves the right to condition this request by paying a security deposit.
  • Viewing auction items is available to Auction Participants at the Organizer’s seat or other place indicated by the organizer after prior announcement of the visit.
  • Auction participants taking part in the auction will be treated as if they were looking at items and studying their condition.
  • The bidding ends after calling the price three times and approving (nailing), and the winner of the bidding is the Participant who offered the approved price.
  • The currency of the auction is the Polish Zloty and the value expressed in this currency is the basis for settlements. The Organizer accepts settling the equivalent of the amount due in EURO and USD according to the table of average exchange rates of the National Bank of Poland as at the auction date.
  • The payment for the purchased items should be transferred to the following accounts:

    Bank Pekao SA
    PLN payments:

    26 1240 4751 1111 0010 8257 5903 [PLN]
  • Currency payments:
    90 1240 4751 1978 0010 8392 8104 [EURO]
    36 1240 4751 1787 0010 8392 8247 [USD]


  • Reception or shipment of items:
    1. The items will be handed over to the winner of the auction or to a person authorized by him after the Organizer receives full payment.
    2. Auctioned items can be picked up from the Organizer’s headquarters, after prior arrangement with the Organizer.
    3. The cost of domestic shipping of auction orders is covered by the buyer. Shipping is insured and carried out by a courier company.
    4. International shipping costs are borne by the buyer. The form and cost of such shipment is determined individually each time.
  • Items with a value above PLN 16,000 can be permanently exported outside of Poland only after obtaining the permission of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.
    The rules for exporting and issuing export permits are regulated by the Act of 23.07.2003 “On the protection of monuments and the care of monuments”, and in particular its amendment of 18.03.2010.
  • The obligation to obtain relevant export permits lies with the Auction Winner and the Organizer does not mediate in this procedure.
  • For legal defects of the item is the responsibility of the person submitting the item to the auction.
  • These regulations have been drawn up in Polish and published in that language, as well as published in a translation into foreign languages, whereas in disputable matters only Polish text of the regulations has legal force.
  • The place of settlement of any disputes is the District Court competent for the Organizer for the city of Rzeszów.

With collector’s greetings.

RDA team