Supposedly, the greatest satisfaction comes from the pursuit of something unattainable…

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Today’s post may be controversial for many. Perhaps rightly so, because when writing it, we ourselves cannot unambiguously answer one of the questions asked in it, which in theory is simple and the answer to it is obvious, but let’s get to the point.

As you probably know, we are one of the few companies that are representatives of NGC and PMG in Poland, thanks to this activity we have the pleasure to mediate in the assessment of the condition of many absolutely perfect items, often only a small percentage of which goes to the auction market. Therefore, we have two questions for you, for some they may be trivial, for others almost impossible to answer.

The first one is – what note will the thaler presented in the photos receive? (we will know the answer to this question in August), and the second “controversial” – can such a coin please its owner? Supposedly, the greatest satisfaction comes from the pursuit of something unattainable, for a numismatist it may be the pursuit of perfection, and what to do if this perfection has already been achieved? What to do if the already purchased item is so perfect that the chance to get something better is irretrievably lost? Have we just reached full happiness and are opening champagne, or is it quite the opposite, after a short euphoria we get depressed because we no longer have a goal?

To sum up, it’s time to start the fun – we ask for your tips for the NGC rating, as well as we would love to hear your thoughts on the second question – perhaps some of you have already faced such a challenge.


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