Today we would like to focus on the second day of the auction, in which only coins of Sigismund III Vasa were auctioned. A very extensive department, over 620 lots, some of
which are sets, and some were sold the day before in collections, which gives us almost
880 lots in total!

The discussion on the second day will begin with the decoration of this section and the
entire auction, the Gdańsk ducat from 1612, which the new owner purchased for PLN 37,760.
A fantastic coin in a stamp variant not described by Dutkowski. A beautiful mint coin that was freed from the NGC grading

Next, the beautiful trojak coins from the mint in Olkusz, many of them were indescribable,
but these two won your heart the most, two from 1596, the first indescribable variant without dots between the coats of arms on the reverse, and the second variant with POLON and LI in the obverse legend with dots between the coats of arms on reverse. The first one ended at
PLN 1239, and the second PLN 826.

Undoubtedly, pennies appreciated by you were one of the most interesting items from the second day of the auction. The first Olkuszki from 1594, a beautiful copy from the second year of minting. Dutkowski’s undescribed variant between GROSVS and REGNI on the reverse ended at PLN 7,670, while the second Poznań variant from 1597, not described by Dutkowski,
with dots separating all parts of the title on the obverse ended at PLN 4,484.

You also appreciated the grosz from the mint in Vilnius from 1627, which, despite the disc defect, reached the price of PLN 389

The copy of the ort 1623 to 1624 in the MS63 note was delivered to the buyer for PLN 2714,
and the rarer trojak with a large head in the au58 note for PLN 1180. A trojak with a small head from the same year 1594 in the MS60 note ended for 620 zlotys.

It was a beautiful day, we congratulate the Collectors on the new values that should already be in your collections! Have a nice day


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