Second day of the Auction 14 – Poznań Ort 1652

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We thought that yesterday, the first day of our auction, would be exciting, but today it will be quiet. Nothing could be further from the truth. You surprised us with the dynamics of today’s auction. Among the 1,229 items offered today, royal Poland dominated (806 items), i.e. those coins that have the widest audience, which was visible in the turnout and the auction itself.

What we have been seeing for some time has been confirmed. The numismatic market is evolving and maturing. Collectors clearly appreciate the best-preserved coins and also look for rarities. These items, as can be seen from the prices, are most desired by serious collectors.

A perfect example is the Poznań ort 1652 visible below. The excellent condition for this type of coin and its extreme rarity (the sixth listing in 20 years) resulted in a final price of PLN 22,800.

Tomorrow, Monday, September 11, we invite you to the 3rd session of our 14th auction. We will be bidding on, among others: Polish People’s Republic (PRL), Third Polish Republic and unique phaleristics, which are always full of interesting values at our auctions.


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