First day of the Auction 14

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Was it as exciting a day for you as it was for us? We started the day with an excellent Piast collection and stayed there for several hours, before moving on to coins historically associated with Poland in the late afternoon.

Sunday, September 10, brings another great emotion and a huge part of Royal Poland, followed by the partitions and the much-loved Second Polish Republic.

How do we evaluate today? There will definitely be time for a more extensive analysis and evaluation, but in short, we can call it a successful day. A few items did not find buyers, but the overwhelming majority will soon go to new buyers. This shows the dynamics of the market, which, combined with many new collectors who took part in the auction, portends only one thing. The numismatic market is developing rapidly and becoming more professional.

What we notice is, among others: the fact that more and more customers focus on quality, which translates into a great interest in rare or perfectly preserved items. Will this also be the case during the auctions in the following days? We invite you to follow the next sessions and, of course, actively participate in the auctions.


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