First conclusions from Auction 14

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The consignors are happy, the buyers are happy, our entire team is tired, as if each of us had manually moved the proverbial wagon of coal. What could this mean? Just one. Auction number 14 has ended very successfully. We would like to thank all of you for your large participation – both as consignors and bidders. We now have to prepare and ship over 900 parcels and, at the same time, work on the November PREMIUM auction.

The ended auction only confirmed that the condition of the Polish coins and banknotes market is excellent. With each auction, we see more and more new people registering and bidding more and more actively. This confirms the expansion of this market.

After the completed auctions, we can see that you can clearly appreciate these most beautiful and best-preserved items. As you can see, the trend is that if there is a choice between rarity and beauty, an increasing number of people choose beauty. We understand this perfectly, because we also believe that the best collection is the one that makes the eyes happy when they see it.

Thank you once again and we invite you to the November auction, reminding you that we are still accepting Items. If you would like to entrust your collections to us, please contact us.

Best regards,

RDA team


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