At our E-Auction 9 – Several coins of Stanisław August Poniatowski

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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, but we are not slowing down and we are adding more items to the system to show you as much as possible before Christmas. In recent days, our upcoming e-auction has grown by several hundred items, including many very interesting and sought after by collectors… We are approaching 4,000 items, creating one of the largest auctions in terms of the number of items in the company’s history.

Today we want to show a few coins of Stanisław August Poniatowski, a ruler who evokes mixed feelings, but undoubtedly left behind an extremely extensive and interesting coinage, enjoying great popularity.

The first coin is a beautiful half thaler minted in 1788. The specimen has perfectly preserved details and a very nice, lively appearance emphasizing the beauty of the coin. Rarely found item in such good condition, definitely recommendable.

The next two coins are thalers. The first one was minted in 1775 and it is a rarer variety with the end of the LITU legend. An exceptionally nice specimen with only a slight adjustment, without the metal flaws typical of this issue. Well readable details, including the ruler’s hair.

The second thaler was minted in 1788. The specimen has well-preserved details, especially on the reverse, and a lot of gloss under the patina.

The section of Stanisław August Poniatowski’s coins also included the Prussian forgery of półzłotek coin, trojak coin (steel fixer) and grosz coins minted in various years of his reign.


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