At our E-Auction 9 – Polish coins from the 19th century

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Polish coins of the 19th century are undoubtedly liked and included in the collection. It is not a very complicated department, but if you want to collect selected coins, it is often expensive. Our auction includes coins for both advanced collectors and beginners, who start with the circulating states of preservation.

The first coin on display is a 5 zlots of Nicholas I, minted in 1834. Very nice, circulating copy with residual gloss, which is important without large scratches. Pleasant to the eye, above-average specimen that should be included in the collection.

Another beautiful coin is 10 zlotys, minted in 1835. It is characterized by well-preserved details, a mint shine and a delicate patina. This is a variant with a wide crown, after the third and fourth tufts – two berries. A rare coin in this condition!

For lovers of smaller coins, we recommend 2 zlotys, which was rated by PCGS at AU58. An interesting specimen with a clearly visible stamp of the date from 1838 to 1839, excellent appearance and a mint gloss.

Another excellent coin is the Polish zloty, minted in 1836. Coins preserved this way are a real rarity. A minus was given for single cuts and slight background noise, however, the coin is absolutely outstanding and the mint gloss preserved on the coins of the Russian Partition is unparalleled!

The auction will also include other coins, rubles, and grosz coins, including very rare in the mint condition 10 grosz 1839 (MS61), including various years and states of preservation. Meanwhile, we encourage you to review the photos, and in a few days to auction selected items on the Onebid platform!


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