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Excellent trojak coins at our auctions are a repeatable element of our events. It is no different at our e-auction 9, where you will find both extremely rare, specimen and beautiful coins, as well as slightly more popular varieties or counterfeits from the period.

The first coin on display is an extremely rare trojak from 1595, which was minted in Bydgoszcz. Here is part of the description of the item:
An extremely rare type of trojak with an abbreviated date placed between the last line of the legend and the coats of arms – above the initials FS on the reverse.
Kopicki places this threefold in the year 1597, because the inverted number 5 is deceptively similar to the number 7.
Rarity confirmed in the catalogs of Iger (R6) and Kopicki (R7), Tyszkiewicz valued this threefold at 25 gold marks.
Few auction quotes confirm the exceptional rarity of this value.

The second excellent coin is the Lublin triple. A selected, minted specimen with a beautiful, intense glow on the entire surface, transforming into a mirror. The second highest rating of NGC at the present time. Only 2 copies rated higher! Additionally, it is a rarer variety with a shortened date separated by the Lewart coat of arms. Punctuation variant not described in the Iger’s catalog with a dot at the end of the obverse legend.

Moving on, you can see, among others, the excellent Bydgoszcz trojak, a rarer variety with a king’s head in the highest note in NGC so far, a Poznań trojak from 1596 in the highest previously issued notes MS65, the beautiful Malbork trojak from 1594, the excellent Wschowa from 1597 in the high note of NGC MS64 and the beautiful Kraków trojak from 1601.

Finally, a few photos to encourage other phenomenal items, we invite you to view the entire offer on the Onebid platform!


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