At our E-Auction 9 – Ort coins of Sigismund III Vasa

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Welcome to the New Year 2022! We hope you enjoyed the New Year’s Eve evening and night. We wish from each other a lot of health, perseverance, a lot of successful shopping and further development of the collection. We hope this year will be better than last year!

What would an auction be without fantastic orts? We have already shown some of them (John II Casimir Vasa), but at our auctions there are also many collectors of Sigismund III Vasa’s orts. Is there anything better for orts collectors than an excellent coin from the collection of a well-known collector? We start with the orts from 1619 and 1618 from the collection of Dariusz Pączkowski! Two exquisite coins with the highest rating in the NGC MS63 and the second highest rating for the year, also the MS63. Exquisite, selected items were additionally marked on the box from whose collection the coins come from.

This illustrious collection also includes an ort from 1615 with a Gothic shield, a variety with a dot above the bear’s paw.
Punctuation variant with a period after D in the word DG and after M D L.

It is also worth mentioning the selected Bydgoszcz ort from 1622, which was illustrated in the catalog of Dariusz Pączkowski. This excellent specimen received a high mark on the MS63.

At the auction you will also have the opportunity to collect a coin illustrated in the Satalin-Grendel catalog on page 108. Selected, exquisite, mint ort from a rarer vintage 1619 with a beautiful shine, excellent detail and fine patina.

At the end the orts from 1618 and 1615, we strongly recommend and invite you to sign up for the auction. Only a few days until the auction!


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