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There are still some foreign coins that we think are worth showing off ahead of the auction for encouragement. There will be a lot of gold at the auction, which is still very popular and is still a very good investment. Additionally, when buying gold in coins, it is also a collector’s item, which increases its value. The offer included, among others, 10 dollars 1880, 5 dollars 1886, 20 dollars 1900, 5 dollars 1903, 20 dollars 1904 or 5 dollars 1906. American coins also included a lot of silver in the form of Morgan dollar from various years of minting, a large part in near-phenomenal states of preservation! When it comes to smaller coins, it is also worth paying attention to the selected 10 cents from 1874, which NGC appreciated with the high MS62 for this mintage.

For enthusiasts of investments in metals other than gold or silver, as well as collectors of the so-called exotic, we recommend $ 25 minted in 1987 from an ounce of palladium. An interesting issue of Bermuda is additionally in the original case.

For tomorrow, we are leaving you with the promotion of Russian coins, which we have once again collected a great offer, and at the end of the section of foreign coins we would like to offer 1 Hungarian crown from 1915 in the high MS66 note and 6 kreuzers of Leopold I from 1672, the beauty of which was appreciated with a high note MS65!

We strongly recommend and invite you to browse through the entire offer on the Onebid platform!


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