At our E-Auction 9 – Half-grosz coins of Sigismund II Augustus

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The day before New Year’s Eve you have to start with a bang!

Do we have lovers of half-grosz coins of Sigismund Augustus here? If that’s the case, then it’s great, because today we want to present these coins, some of which will be auctioned in the half-penny collection section, while the rest in the Sigismund Augustus coin section. The upcoming event is a collection of curated coins, in different variants, varieties and states of preservation. There will be both coins in the highest grading marks and great positions without third-party rating.

Let’s start with five fantastic NGC grading coins, which with their condition should satisfy even the most demanding collectors. half-grosz coins from 1547 are a relatively common coins in beautiful condition, but there are really very few specimens such as the one from our auction! The coin rated MS66 is one of 4 out of over 300 pieces that have been awarded such a high mark. Another fantastic half-grosz is the one from 1548. The coin received the MS65 rating, and only 4 copies were rated higher.

Another specimen is the one minted in 1556, rated MS66. One of the most beautiful to appear on the Polish auction market from this year. Additionally, it is a punctuation variant unlisted by Ivanauskas with a trefoil after PO on the obverse and after DVCAT9 on the reverse! In this state of preservation and in this variant – RARE!

Finally, two great half-grosz coins from 1559 and 1561, which received MS65 notes. Collecting coins in such states of preservation is a real pleasure, so we encourage you to look closely at the copies on offer and bid on January 9!

We also recommend the collection of half-grosz coins, among which you will find, among others, the extremely sought-after and rare half-grosz from 1545! Below we present a sneak peak of several years from this collection There will also be a few lots on the auction, including some really nice ones!


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