At our E-Auction 9 – Foreign coins

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This auction will be a bit unusual, because we start the auctions on January 8 at 10 am with foreign coins. The sections that will be auctioned in turn are medieval foreign coins, foreign coins (as many as 851 lots!), And finally there will be around 350 ancient coins in 3 different sections. As for the most extensive sections, these are traditionally Russian, German, US, Austrian and Austro-Hungarian coins.

We devote the morning to collectors of Austrian and Austro-Hungarian coins. As part of this section, we managed to collect many very nice kreuzers, so fans of this denomination will have a real feast. They are interesting, nice and inexpensive coins, therefore they are a good choice for collectors starting their adventure with coins. There will also be some fine florins and crowns at the auction.

The first coin from the post is 1 guilder from 1854, minted on the occasion of the wedding of Emperor Franz Joseph with Elizabeth, the second is 5 crowns of Franz Joseph from 1909. Another item from the post is a thaler, minted on the occasion of the 3rd shooting competition. Typologically rare item with an interesting design.

The next items are the coins that we mentioned earlier, i.e. florins and kreuzers. The latter are from different years of minting and different rulers, there are also 15 florins of the Salzburg Bishopric. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer on the Onebid platform!


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