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The second day of Christmas is a great time to showcase the excellent rubles from the upcoming offer. This is a collection of coins from various tsars in beautiful states that will be able to replenish your collection on January 12!

Selected items are only a demonstration part, while the entire offer can be found traditionally in the auction catalog on the Onebid platform.

Let’s start with Women, start with 3 nice rubles of Catherine I and II (including 2 different Catherine II – narrower and wider). Particularly noteworthy are the first two, which in such excellent state of preservation can supply the collections of even the most demanding collectors.

The next two rubles will be respectively Elizabeth and Anna. The first one in excellent condition, with beautifully preserved details and a good gloss with a stale background. Occasionally recorded in this condition. The second, on the other hand, is in a natural, circulating state of preservation.

At the end, two nice gentlemen – rubles of Peter I and Peter II. The first copy is a variety with the initial K on the bust with very well preserved details, which is rare for the Piotr issue. Additionally, there is a lot of gloss in the background. The second coin is a rarer one on the market with crowned tsarist monograms.

For dessert, we would like to inform you that all items have been added and the auction has been sorted. If someone has been waiting to review the whole offer, it’s a perfect time to plan your New Year’s expenses or a late Christmas gift


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