At our E-Auction 9 – Coins of the Free City of Cracow

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We are kicking off this week a lot because you will be lashing out for new items for your collections this week. Today we want to show coins that some collectors ‘hunt’ for even several months before finding a suitable copy for their collection. We are talking about the coins of the Free City of Cracow, which appear sporadically on the auction market in the mint condition (and we have 2 at our auction) and the slightly more common, but still rare, coins from the November Uprising period.

The coins of the Free City of Cracow have an interesting history and can be a beautiful extension of the collection of 19th-century coins. At our auction you will be able to buy a set, i.e. 5 groszy, 10 groszy and 1 zloty. Some sources say that there were also test coins with face values of 3 groszy and 2 zlotys, but they were products of 19th-century counterfeiters. The coins were minted in relatively low mintage, 1 zloty 20,000 pieces, 5 groszy 180,000 and 10 groszy 150,000, but in the turmoil of the 19th and 20th centuries a large part of the mintage was lost or destroyed, so that the coins remained in mint condition.

As for the coins of the November Uprising, the auction included a 3 groszy coin with straight eagle legs, a very well-preserved specimen with beautifully preserved details in colorful patina and 10 groszy with eagle legs bent in the MS61 note with a great mint gloss. We strongly recommend all coins!


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