At our E-Auction 9 – Coins of John II Casimir Vasa

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John II Casimir Vasa is a section extremely liked by collectors and always enjoying great popularity. At the upcoming e-auction, we have collected 44 lots, among which you will find both fantastic silver coins and the much-liked crown and Lithuanian shillings, popularly known as boratynki.

On the other hand, two amazing ort coins, which are one of the most beautiful representatives of specific vintages and mints, deserve special attention. The first is the Toruń ort, minted in 1663 at the mint in Toruń. Portrait type with a mustache curled upwards, a narrow chain of the Order, an epaulette with three segments decorated with rivets. On the reverse, the initials HD L (Hans Dawid Lauer) are separated on the side of the coat of arms, the inscription of the legend NOVA CI. An exquisite coin, with no traces of circulation.
Great freshness of the sheet, beautiful, intense glow on the entire surface. The second highest NGC rating currently for vintage 1663! Very rare in such excellent condition.

The other is the orth, minted at the Gdańsk mint in 1657. A variety with a smaller king’s head on the obverse, letters D – L on the reverse by the lions’ paws (Daniel Lesse, the tenant of the mint in Gdańsk). Selected, mint-colored specimen of high freshness with a glow on the entire surface of the coin.
The second highest NGC rating at present for vintage 1657.
Only one specimen was rated higher!

At the auction you will also find several tymfs, szóstak coins and a collection of excellent boratins from various mints.

We strongly recommend and invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer and registration for the auction. Just over 10 days left so don’t wait!


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