At our E-Auction 8 – offer of ort coins from the mint in Bydgoszcz

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We start Monday from the proverbial ‘fat pipe’ to further inflame emotions before the e-auction, which starts on Sunday!

Every person who thoroughly browsed the auction catalog and regularly looked at our Facebook profile, surely noticed the amazing offer of Gdańsk ort coins at the upcoming event. Of course, we do not stop there and we have to present the offer of orts from the mint in Bydgoszcz, and there is a lot to show!

The ort with a dot in the shield instead of the Sheaf coat of arms is definitely the coin that evokes emotions and imagination the most! A specimen of great beauty with a mint gloss
and a charming multi-colored patina.
High NGC grade for this type of very rare ort – the highest so far offered in the country!
In the numismatic archives available, no other copy has exceeded the status of 3+! In our opinion, it is absolutely the most beautiful crown ort of this type offered so far. In such a state of preservation, it is practically unattainable.

What’s better, on September 12, there will be an opportunity to buy two specimens of this type (the second in a slightly worse condition) and many other interesting coins. One of them is the ort from 1621 in a variation with the end of the PRV M legend, with spiral-shaped labs with an elongated end, with the face value marked under the torso. Another interesting item will be the ort from 1622 with the PM end of the legend, which was rated R5 in the Satalin-Grendel catalog! The auction will also offer an ort from 1623. A rare and sought-after issue with upper labras in the form of bows.

In the department of Bydgoszcz orts, there will also be coins selected in near-majestic states of preservation, which is not easy to obtain! In the post, these will be the last 3 items, but to see the coins in full splendor, please visit the Onebid platform!



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