At our E-Auction 8 – grosz coins of Sigismund I the Old

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As you can see, the auction is gaining momentum and the number of items exceeds 2,800!

The material is very diverse and everyone should find items that can be included in their collection. There will be items from the Middle Ages, excellent Polish royal and foreign coins,
as well as decorations and other sections that can be seen exactly on the Onebid platform

Today, something for collectors of grosz coins of Sigismund I the Old, and a grosz from the year of minting in which the king died, that is 1548, deserves special attention. A phenomenal specimen that is practically non-existent in such a state! Incredible freshness for the coins of this ruler, fantastic detail and unprecedented mint shine made the coin appreciated with the highest rating in NGC MS64! A copy that can complement not only the excellent coins of Sigismund the Old, but also collectors of Polish grosze or coins of individual denominations or rulers. Just something amazing!

The next two pennies are also beautiful and come with and without rosettes near the crown, they are also characterized by a different style of the crown and punctuation. The first was appreciated with the MS63 (MAX!), and the second – MS61.

E-auction 8 will be another great event where many beautiful specimens will change their owners. We invite you to browse the items, register and add your selected items to your favorites, so that you do not forget about anything!



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