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A week before the auction, we decided to present the second most numerous section in foreign coins – German coins. 150 items, including several lots, will change hands on September 15!

To be honest, it’s hard to choose the best items from among so many sections – we could create an interesting post from a fine coin, thalers, gold or brand coins, but we decided to focus on the older and prettiest coins until the 19th century. To see the entire section, we recommend visiting the Onebid platform, and there is plenty to watch!

To start with, a small, but extremely charming pfennig from the mint in Regensburg.
A beautifully stamped, patinated specimen with a perfectly preserved gloss, on which it is worth ‘hanging your eye’

Some time ago we showed some of the thalers from the auction, this time we chose 5. The first of Maximilian Joseph from 1771, the second from 1818 with the image of the Constitution,
the third Louis I, a rare copy from 1827 with a very interesting design! The list also includes the 1861 and 1865 Waterloo thaler, less common on the Polish market.

What else awaits you? We left only candies in mint and circumstantial states of preservation!
To start with, a great shilling (Hamburg) from 1828. A beautiful specimen of the city coin,
on which the mint gloss has been perfectly preserved.

The next two great coins are 4 grosz coins from 1796 and 1804. Selected items that can beautify many collections

Great parts of the thaler are also waiting for you at the auction – including beautiful 1/12 or 1/3 thaler, as well as a beautiful small Saxon coin – 6 pfennigs 1762 (in the MS62 note, where only one copy was rated MS63!), 1 doppelgroschen 1792 or 1 grosz 1863.

Once again, the German coins department is extremely manned!
We invite you once again to follow our profile and view the full catalog of auctions!


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