At our E-Auction 8 – coins of the Polish People’s Republic

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The day before the auction, we decided to remind you and show you the coins that we added to the PPR coin section, which is becoming more and more popular!

Let’s start with a few of the most interesting items, namely two extremely rare technological trials minted in a very low mintage of 100 pieces in brass. At first glance, some people might say that they once had or have such a coin at home due to the very distinctive design of the coin with the image of a fisherman and berries. What distinguishes the offered specimens?
The inscription proof in the lower right corner and the metal in which the coins were minted (you can see it, among other things, by the color).

The next iconic coins are those with the image of Mieszko and Dąbrówka. We are pleased to offer you a few coins minted on the occasion of the Millennium of the Polish State, while again the most interesting ones are those with the word sample on the right. On the first one we have the most famous design with the rulers visible in their entirety, and on the second we have the so-called half-figures. Both were minted in nickel in a low mintage of 500. The former was additionally recognized with a high rating in NGC MS65.

At the end of the trial coins, a real raisin, stamped in aluminum, with a mintage of only 10 –
2 zlotys 1989.

There will also be a mint roll of the Wielkopolska Uprising, a rare and sought-after variety with a narrow 8 on the date of 5 zlotys 1958 fisherman, the rarest, circulating zloty from the times of the Polish People’s Republic (1 zloty 1967 minted in a circulation of just over a million) or the highly sought-after 20 groszy 1957.

At the end of the section, you will have the opportunity to expand your collection with annual coin sets, of which we have as many as 10 at the auction!

However, we are not able to show you all the most interesting items from this section, so it is worth visiting the Onebid platform, registering to participate in the auction and browsing and selecting the most interesting items!


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