At our E-Auction 8 – coins of Jan III Sobieski

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September 4 is the presentation of the section of Jan III Sobieski.

We will start with the rarest coin from the list of 36 items – the ort coin 1677, which, due to the more interesting and rarer type of portrait, was appreciated in the catalog of Satalin-Grendel R5 orts! Ort, despite its 3 state of preservation, is an extremely desirable item in many collections, hence the auction of this item started over a week earlier from the amount of PLN 2,000!
We definitely recommend it!

The second coin that requires careful attention is one of the rarer szóstak coins from 1684 with the initials SP – Spytek Pstrokoński, which was minted during his brief reign at the mint.
A variety with curved discs, accompanied by an excellent, near-phenomenal state of preservation! One of the nicer specimens that has recently appeared on the auction market, appreciated with the MS61, which is the third result for this variety (only two rated higher).

Staying in the topic of rare coins, it is impossible not to mention one of the most wanted coins with the SVP initials – Samuel von Phachler, who replaced Pstrokoński. A circulating, legible specimen that you will definitely pay attention to when building a set of szóstak coins.

Another interesting item is the szóstak from 1684. Interesting, so far undescribed variant with an imprint of the face value on the reverse, where in place of the incorrect IV there is a VI.
A coin that appears sporadically in trade – at our auction there will be as many as 3 such coins in different states of preservation.

In addition to typologically interesting coins, there will also be coins that are rare due to the state of preservation!

There will be coins from the years 1683 with the coat of arms of the Jelita without an armor sleeve, a great six with a bust in a variant with a visible shoulder plate of the armor. A very interesting variation with three dots between the shields, a nice six-point 1682 with bows at the bottom of the shields or 1681 with a bow above the Jelita coat of arms with rectangular jewels in the base.

At the end, a nice szóstak 1684 with the initials TLB – Tytus Liwiusz Boratini, minted in Bydgoszcz and a szóstak 1683 in a rarer bust from the mint in Krakow.

We definitely recommend the section and we invite you to visit


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