At our E-Auction 8 – coins closely related to the areas and history of Poland

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At noon, we decided to show a dozen or so coins closely related to the areas and history of Poland. When browsing the catalog, it is also worth looking at the sections that we do not collect. Why? To watch interesting and rare coins and look for new inspiration to expand your collection. One of the most interesting related coins is undoubtedly the ort 1657 of Charles X Gustav. Ort type minted during the reign of Jan Kazimierz with a bust of Charles X Gustaw, during the occupation of Elbląg. Very rare variety with NH ligature on the reverse. The rarity assessed by Kopicki on the R8, with an annotation known from the collections of Czapski, Sobański and the National Museum in Warsaw. A selected, perfectly preserved mint specimen from the times of the Swedish occupation of Elbląg.
Gloss in the background, charming patina, delicate disc imperfections, typical of this issue.
Currently, the second highest grading grade of the reputable company NGC.
Only one specimen was rated higher!

Another very interesting item is the ort (this time undated) of Charles Gustav, but minted in Toruń. Item sporadically appearing in trade, additionally in good condition for this issue.

There will also be a lot of general cargo for collectors supplementing their collections with a half-and-a-half of the Swedish occupation of Riga in very nice condition, as well as a very rare grosz minted during the siege of Gdańsk in 1577.

A day later, Pomeranian, Prussian and Silesian coins, which have found their numerous representatives, will be auctioned off. Particularly noteworthy are the Prussian orts as well as the 1 and 3 kreuzer coins and 15 kreuzer 1693 of the Duchy of Nysa of Wrocław bishops.

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