At our E-Auction 8 – Austrian and Austro-Hungarian coins

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We devote the evening to collectors of Austrian and Austro-Hungarian coins. Like every auction, we have the opportunity to offer you interesting, beautiful values to complement your collections.

At the beginning, a beautifully preserved specimen of the 15-kreuzer of Vienna. Perfectly preserved details and mint shine. Minus for a small cut at the edge. A variety, rarer in trade, with a very massive bust, not exceeding the top line of the rim.
Probably not described in the literature variation with errors of splitting the L • EOPOLD and ARCHI • D legends. A big curiosity, worth recommending even for the most advanced collections.

Another mint disc, which we are pleased to present, are 3 kreuzers from 1665 by Leopold I. Despite minor flaws in the sheet, the offered copy has a beautifully preserved detail and mint gloss.

An example of a selected 3 kreuzer of regent Ferdinand Charles can be 3 kreuzer from 1645, minted at the mint in Hall. The specimen has small, typical for this issue, sheet metal defects, but it makes up for it with a beautiful mint gloss.

The last 3 kreuzer that we want to present to you is the Charles VI coin from the mint in Vienna, minted in 1725.

The coin that will undoubtedly arouse the interest of many collectors is the 1/6 ducat of the Bishop of Salzburg, the penultimate minting year during the reign of Guidobald von Thun. Denomination sporadically found in trade, and in a rare shape.

From the coinage coins in this section, there will also be smaller denominations, including the fantastic 1/2 kreuzer from 1816 and a set of one-kreuzer from 1891.

For dessert, we left 7 kreuzer from 1802 and two gold coins, 10 kroner 1909 and 25 shillings from 1927 (the second year of 25 shillings of the Austrian Republic, minted with a relatively low mintage of 72,672)

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