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On September 14, from 4 pm you will have the opportunity to supplement your collection with many interesting and beautiful ancient coins. Among them, we distinguished the collection of ancient coins consisting of 76 lots and the rest of the items consisting of 149 lots. A significant part of these are Roman coins, but there will also be coins from ancient Greece or Byzantium.

The range is very wide, and it includes coins made of bronze, silver or barbarian imitations of aureus. The construction of the department is also cross-sectional, if we take into account the states of conservation of the coins, because the offer includes both circumnavigation coins and coins in circulation.

From our proposals for today, we invite you to watch:
1. Trebonian Gallus, Antoninian – Junona
2. Filip II, Antoninian
3. Severus Alexander, Denarius
4. Julia Domna, Denarius
5. Septimius Severus, Denarius – VIII Augustus Legion
6. Denarius Serratus
7. Gordian III, Sesterc – Apollo
8. Hadrian, Sesterc
9. Imitation of the Athenian tetradrachma
10. Barbaricum, A mimicry of aureus

Please note the variety of drawings, the multitude of rulers and representations on the coins below. If we add to this a great state of preservation, an extremely rich history and often the minting of coins over 1,900 years ago, we have a great idea ready to expand many collections!

We cordially invite you to read the section in detail and review other items. It is also worth registering for the auction to confirm your participation as soon as possible!


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