Stocks and bonds is a department that is gaining more lovers at a very fast pace from year to year! Until a few years ago, most of the shares could be bought very cheaply, nowadays even the more popular items are gaining in popularity!

To meet the expectations of our customers, this department also appeared at our auction They will mainly be sold in sets – several or a dozen or so pieces and they will be divided into individual countries or companies to which they were assigned.

Among the items that you will be able to obtain are Warszawska Kinematograficzna Spółka Akcyjna, Polskie Towarzystwo Elektryczne, Spółka Akcyjna Wielkich Pieców and Zakłady Ostrowieckie, Towarzystwo Zakłady Żyrardowskie, District Power Plant in Zagłębie Ostrowskie, Towarzystwo Zakłady Przędzalnianych Bawełna, Tkalnia and Blecharnia ‘Zawiercie’, Obligacje The National Loan 5%, the Tomaszów Factory of Artificial Silk, 25 “BELPOL” campaigns or the Stanisław Fuchs Warsaw Biscuit Factory.

Additionally, the offer includes stocks and bonds from countries such as Russia, Austria, France and the USA.

We invite you to stay informed and watch the items on


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