A strong cast of Tsarist Russia at our auctions is already a tradition. It is no different this time There are over 260 items in Russian coins alone, and among them there are flights consisting of up to several dozen specimens! Among them there are both mint and circulation coins.

Let’s start with the rubles, however, as they are relatively the most-auctioned items due to their rarity. Of course, we are talking about rare rubles or those in very good condition
Definitely one of the most interesting in the upcoming event is the 1912 Ruble, minted on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Patriotic War, commonly known as the Borodino Ruble, where the greatest battle of this war took place. The coin was minted in a mintage of only 26,000. A beautifully preserved specimen, with a glossy surface and a delicate, old patina.

Very popular and sought after coins are also rubles minted on the occasion of 300 years of the reign of the Romanov dynasty. These coins were minted with both deep and shallow stamps, and the copies will be available in a few days

The auction will also include gold, including a nice copy of the 1757 Elizabeth ruble or 5 and 7.5 rubles of Nicholas II.

There will also be silver rubles, including a fantastic and very rare 1912 ruble in note AU58,
a decent 1896 or a nice 1823 ruble

Of course, we also remembered about the collectors of smaller denominations, which is why the auction will feature a lot of selected kopecks, as well as many copies in circulation and mixes. Particularly noteworthy are 50 kopecks 1912 in a fantastic, mint condition, 20 kopecks 1862 and 1910. There will also be very nice copper coins, among which we recommend paying special attention to 5 kopecks 1865, 1880 or 2 kopecks 1912.

Finally, to confirm the words about the lots, we throw in a very large and very interesting lot of 20 kopecks


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