Welcome after the picnic We hope the batteries are charged and the items are reviewed Today we will devote to coins of the Second Republic of Poland, the lots of which at our auction can be found as many as 400, including sets of several pieces!

The collected material will provide everyone interested with a great chance to supplement their collections. Coins are, as in any section at our auctions, a large cross-section – from the circulatory states of preservation to selected, minted items

At the beginning, something that will knock the feet of many advanced collectors, because this coin is extraordinary and unparalleled in such a state of preservation. MAX MS65 note in the old grading, in which it has been present for at least 10 years and no coin has beaten it yet
We are talking about a 10 zloty coin from 1932 with a mint mark with the image of “Woman’s Head”. A beautiful, carefully selected coin with an intense, clock gloss with a delicate patina extending from the edges. Position with perfectly preserved detail, with a fresh mirror in the background on the obverse and reverse. A copy that can decorate many, even very advanced collections!

Without slowing down the pace at the beginning, the next coin is also in the old grading and also in a very high note – MS64! We are talking about one of the rarer 5 zloty coins with the image of Józef Piłsudski from 1938. A very attractive piece with a strong shine on both sides and a delicate patina.

The next coins will be for collectors who avoid plastic boxes or are looking for selected copies that have a chance to get MS notes – and the offer does not lack such!

Starting from the beginning, we will show coins with the image of Józef Piłsudski with the official and shooting eagle. Particularly noteworthy here is a 10 zloty coin with a shooting eagle, which is extremely rare in this state of preservation!

In the post you can see the iconic coins of the Second Republic of Poland – 10 zlotys Sobieski, Traugutt, an exquisite banner that NGC rated on MS63 or the sought-after, even in good condition, a five-zloty coin with Nike’s likeness from 1928.

Today’s post ends with selected female heads, including one extremely rare and pretty for the 1932 ZZM year. At the end, one of the most sought-after coins – 10 zlotys Chrobry in gold, which records significant price increases every year

And in the evening, more items from this section will be hosted on our FB
It is worth observing and catching items that you want to add to the harvest!


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