We will spend the evening under the sign of King Zygmunt II August. Currently, we have introduced 132 items from this section, including several lots The coins of this ruler at our auction are rich in variety. We offer denominations – denarius coins, two-denarius coins,
half-grosz coins, grosz coins or trojak coins, among which you will find many interesting varieties, a multitude of years, and additionally many copies in different states of preservation

As a post promoting this section, we will allow ourselves to show the prettiest ones – most in the NGC grading, and some in very high marks.

The first is a penny per Polish foot from 1548, a coin minted in Vilnius. The second year of an interesting issue with a value of 1 – 1/4 groszy.
Very rare variation with the letter V instead of A in the obverse legend.
The coin, as one of the two, appreciated the highest, among the so far awarded, in the NGC grading – MS63. Interestingly, the coin has no defects! It is stamped on a nice disc and quite evenly, with a practically very fresh punch, which can be seen from the depth of the strike. Additionally, the coin has a nice natural patina

Another coin is half-grosz coin with a very characteristic reverse for the years 1545 and 1546,
it is most often in a common condition, while the copy from our auction was awarded with a high MS63 mark thanks to its freshness.

Then we have some very nice half-grosz coins: 1547 MS65, 1548 MS64, 1549 MS65, 1550 MS66! – a fantastic piece that can be a decoration in many collections.

Finally, a few nice coins without grading.

More coins are coming soon, and there will be lots to bid on!


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