look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves 

With this loose introduction, we would like to introduce you to the three musketeers with which we “end” the old year, and at the same time these are items that will change their current owners in just over 10 days.

The first of them is Grosz of Olkusz of Stefan Batory from 1579, a variety from POLO / POLO, which is the rarest variant from this year, appreciated by Kurpiewski R6.
The specimen with traces of circulation, but very nice for this type of coin, it should be remembered that the Olkusz coins from 1578-1580 are mostly items in very poor condition.
We owe it to Rafał Leszczyński, who did not adhere to the prescribed monetary rate.

Another is a very nice, well-minted specimen of the Poznań grosz.
Variant not described in Dutkowski’s work with dots separating all fragments of the title on the obverse. Variation with PO / POLO.

The last of the offered is a beautiful specimen of the Olkusz grosz of Sigismund III Vasa
from the second year of minting. A grosz with a strong coin mirror and sharp details, no signs of cleaning. Variant not described in Dutkowski’s work without a dot between GROSVS and REGNI on the reverse. A coin worth recommending even for the most specialized and demanding collections.

These and many more, available at the largest winter auction in 2020, which will be at your disposal in a few days


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