For Friday morning coffee, we suggest a journey into the world of phaleristics, full of historical twists and turns

This time, our E-Auction has received many more items from the broadly understood phaleristics and military items than on any of the previous ones. This means that almost everyone will find something for themselves here!

In this section you will also find a very rare sappers ‘regimental emblem, model 1917, as well as several badges – the Honorary Cross of the 3rd Legions Infantry Regiment, the badge of the 23rd Grodno Uhlans Regiment, a very rare and interesting version of the badge of the 4th battalion / Sappers’ Regiment from Sandomierz, with a golden overlay , an equally rare badge of the 8th Light Artillery Regiment from Płock (this badge is also associated with an ID form!),
as well as a perfectly preserved badge of the 9th Lesser Poland Lancers Regiment from Trembowla – an increasingly sought-after badge!

The offer will also include curiosities – the emblem on the collar of the 63rd Infantry Regiment from Toruń, order stickers, Cheval Legers’ pennants, or ID cards… The section will be closed with photos of various units and weapons! And this is only a part of our wide range, not to mention the PRL badge sets

Every enthusiast of interwar phaleristics will find something for themselves

In the department of phaleristics it is not worse – two uniforms of Austro-Hungarian officials,
a number of French bayonets of various designs, or interesting German and Russian qualities.

In short, something good for everyone!

This section of our E-Auction 5 will be auctioned next Thursday – January 14th.




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