For afternoon coffee, we offer you a few photos from the section which, from the beginning of our presence on the auction market, is invariably represented by selected items.

Regardless of whether they are slabs with high grades or free from numerical notes, they always arouse great interest and emotions. It will be no different at our upcoming auction, where a trained eye will see above-average pieces worth including in the collection.

Coins from the period of the Second Republic of Poland have many features that together provide a “recipe for success”, among others, they are as prosaic as:

– They have a closed edition and constitute a separate section (an advantage over even the most sophisticated collector’s issues)

– They are properly described thanks to very good thematic publications (nothing will encourage you to collect a specific section more than a good juicy publication)

– Despite almost 100 years separating us from their emissions, they are relatively available (just look at the archives of our auctions to see that you can choose from)

– And most importantly, they have a simple but elegant graphic design

Let a few photos from the upcoming auction serve as the support for the last point – the coins to be obtained on September 29. We start from 17 and we fight as long as it is needed

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