Today, at the beginning of the day, we decided to return to the collection of Jan III silver coins.

Szóstak coins are definitely the leading theme in this collection. And among them, tons of items are interesting variants.

Recently we presented “krakus coins” with preprints. Today we will focus on a larger spectrum of coins with more or less noticeable variations and variants.

First, the year 1678. Minimal rarer, early issue with many different variants. Among them,
one very interesting – with a “drop” between the shields.

The next is a szóstak coin 1680 with an error in the face value in Roman numerals.
IV instead of VI. A traditional Czech mistake resulting from the mint maker forgetting about transferring ideas to a mirror on a stamp.

The next szóstak coin worth showing here is the exceptional rarity of Kraków from 1680 with the initial K under the shields – a coin assessed by Kopicki, Kamiński and Kurpiewski on R6.

Another coin is a szóstak from 1680, this time in a rare variant with bullets at the shields

Then we move to 1682 and focus on a krakus coin on a linear half-track – an exceptional rarity and typological curiosity!

Another, and also the last szóstak coin, which we will discuss today is the year 1684 with the initials of Spytek Pstrokoński with a bust in armor and oval shields – an exceptional rarity,
a typologically sought-after item, additionally in a pleasant state of preservation!

We invite you to view the entire collection and register for the auction at

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