At our E-Auction 11 – Some interesting banknotes

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For today, we have prepared a few banknotes from the upcoming auction, and there is a lot to choose from 🙂

The first item we are pleased to show you is 5 zlotys from 1925. The specimen is in a visually perfect, almost emission-free condition, after skilfully straightening the central fracture.

The offered banknote is definitely above average, one of the most beautiful ones recently offered on the auction market.

Typologically searched position, difficult to obtain in above-average states of preservation.

Banknote by Wacław Borowski, watermark – a grid of squares.

A very desirable and sought-after item is also 5 zlotys, printed in 1950. A perfectly preserved banknote with a vivid print color, appreciated by an extremely high score PMG 66.

Banknote rating with the note EPQ denoting exceptional paper quality.

The banknote by Wacław Borowski, put into circulation on October 30, 1950, printed by PWPW, the issue was the responsibility of the NBP.

The auction will also include, as usual, Polish marks, including 20 marks from 1919, 20 marks 1919 in an extremely high grading PMG 67EPQ, 1/2 mark 1916 General PMG 66EPQ or a rare banknote of an unknown artist with a face value of 10 million Polish marks .

There will also be, among others, 1 zloty from 1919 by the graphic designers of Gasperini’s engraving workshop, without a watermark, 10 zlotys 1948 AW, 100 zlotys 1948 KR – WZÓR – PMG 67EPQ or the much-liked and constantly gaining popularity and price album “Polskie banknoty obiegowe z lat 1975-1996”.

There will also be many other items, and in the banknotes section you will find as many as 569 items! There is a lot to choose from, both for advanced collectors and for those who are just starting their adventure with paper money.


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