At our E-Auction 11 – Coins of the Free City of Gdańsk

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Our 11th e-auction will once again be an event that will attract collectors from all over the world to bid on great items!

As of today, we have exceeded the ceiling of 4,000 items, and their number is rising with each passing hour 😉

Today we decided to make a small gift to fans of the Free City of Gdańsk and we have prepared 3 wanted coins from this period to show.

The first one is the dream of many collectors, not only WMG, but also 20th century coins, gold and rare coins in excellent condition.

If someone has not yet guessed, we reveal to you a selected 25 gulden coin, the second and last year of minting the only WMG gold coins. The circulation was only 7,988 (in catalog), while the ideal speimens suitable for the NGC MS65 rating (like the presented specimen that received it) are much less😉

People following the archives will surely notice that in 2017-2020 the price of these coins fluctuated around PLN 10,000, while the latest quotes show how good this investment was, because they already reached prices twice as high! (2021-2022 +/- 20,000)

The next two items are also much liked and sought after coins, which are missing in many collections. We are talking about 5 gulden coin from 1932 and 1935. These specimens are in the 2-2 + condition, so the price will be within the reach of more collectors. If someone does not care about the mint condition and wants to have a slightly easier task with including this coin in the collection, we recommend that you carefully follow these offers 😉

Of course, this is not all that we have prepared for you from this period, but the coming days will also reveal items from other departments that are waiting for a large crowd of collectors!


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