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Among ancient coins, in addition to the coin section of Probus expert, you will also find a separate section of ancient coins with 98 items.

Definitely the decoration of the section is a Greek coin, on the obverse of which we can see Consul Brutus in the company of two lictors walking to the left, in front of them there is a BR monogram, in the stretch there is ΚΟΣΩΝ. On the reverse, on the other hand, we see an Eagle with outstretched wings standing on one paw to the left, holding a wreath.

We are talking about the Koson stater in an almost mint condition, which is rare!

The second decoration, this time of Byzantine coins, is a solidus without a date, minted in Constantinople with the image of Heraclius, Heraclius Constantine and Heraclonas. A beautiful item that can decorate many collections of Byzantine coins!

At the auction, you will also be able to include in the collection several Elagabalus tetradrachmas, numerous denarii, even the rare ones with a date stamp, as well as the very rare siliqua of Constantius II, antoninianus of Postumus and Philip II, as well as follis of e.g. Maxentius, Licinius, Galerius or Constantine the Great.

As in every section of our auction, there will be coins in various states of preservation, as well as with various degrees of rarity.

We invite you to view the entire offer on the Onebid website, as well as to sign up for our auction! We wish you a nice day!


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