At our E-Auction 10 – Paper thaler

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For this Sunday morning we have planned a meeting with the denomination which is second only to golden ducats among lovers of humming money. Of course, We are talking about the thaler. However, somewhat perversely, we will offer you a paper thaler. We wonder if you will like it just as much.

Of course, we are talking about one of the decorations of our paper money department, i.e. the issue of the Duchy of Warsaw – thaler from 1810 with the signature of Commissioner Badeni. The specimen, in accordance with our auction description, is captivating for this type of appearance, with visible traces of circulation, centrally bent, with oblique fractures at the margins and local paper stains. However, despite the aforementioned shortcomings, it is the most beautiful specimen we have had the chance to associate with, a completely natural item, very rare in such excellent condition. Deadly sharp dry seals with unusual deep relief.

Yes, we saw banknotes with a better visual appearance, but it was due to conservation efforts and after careful verification, the charm was lost.

Exactly in a week, at a similar time as today, the offered value will change its owner – we will see if its unusual condition will be reflected in the interest it will be awarded at the auction.


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