At our E-Auction 10 – Items from the collection of Dariusz Pączkowski

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A few days before the auction, we would like to remind you that the items from the collection of the catalog creator and the excellent collector Dariusz Pączkowski will be auctioned at the auction. For several auctions, items from his collection have been auctioned and they are invariably very popular not only because of interesting variants, but also excellent, selected coins, which are often even specimens of a given type.

Today, the first item we want to show is an ort from 1622 with volute-shaped mantlings. In this state of conservation (NGC MS64!), this coin is extremely rare, so it is a great opportunity to supplement your collection.

Another great coins are the two Gdańsk orts. We have already shown one of them during the promotion of the Gdańsk orts, but today we would like to recall this remarkable item. It is an ort from 1618 with an exquisite detail, a beautiful gloss on the reverse, transforming into a mirror, and a delicate patina.

Additionally, it is a punctuation variant with a small star that starts the legend of the obverse, at the end a colon and a cross made of dots.

On the reverse, a bear’s paw at the beginning of the legend, on the left-hand side a star, on the right-hand side an ornament stamped on a rosette.

The second outstanding ort is the selected vintage 1623, which NGC rated on the MS63! The coin is characterized by great detail and excellent mint gloss.

When it comes to other items, it is worth paying special attention to the Bydgoszcz ort (MS62), which, despite the popular stamp variant, is characterized by exquisite detail and freshness.

To supplement the collection, there will also be several Wschowa orts, the Bydgoszcz orts of John II Casimir Vasa and several szóstak coins, including a rare variety with the date at the crown.

If you are interested in what else was on the auction, we invite you to check the offer, register and submit limits on the Onebid website!


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