At our E-Auction 10 – Coins of Jan III Sobieski

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When discussing the auction, there was nothing about the coins of Jan III Sobieski, and we have a few rarities in this section.

Certainly, one of the most outstanding items is the beautiful szóstak coin from 1681, which received a UNC Details rating. It is a beautifully preserved item with 4 bows on the reverse. The auction also includes another variant of this vintage with decorative ends of coats of arms (under the coats of arms there is an eagle and a chase next to the bows, two spheres visible on both sides).

When it comes to rare varieties, the offer includes two rather rare szóstak coin from 1684 with the initials SP (Spytek Pstrokoński) and SVP (Samuel von Pfalcher). Both are in good condition, worth including in the collection.

From among the interesting variants at the auction, we are pleased to offer you a szóstak coin from 1684 with a corrected face value. There are known copies with incorrectly stamped IV and correctly VI, but here we have a case in which the mint corrected the incorrect stamp IV on VI, which is clearly visible on the reverse as VV. In addition, the coin is fully legible and, for this variant, very nicely preserved!

The auction also included rarer Krakow coins, such as two szóstak coins from 1682 in two different busts – one narrower and the other wider. Not everyone pays attention to details, but the differences on the left side of the robe, the filling of the bumps, various elements of the robe, and the bust of the ruler are very clearly visible.

Finally, we want to show you a beautiful six from 1683 (excellent, unfortunately with a defect in the metal plate) and a slightly rarer variant of the six with 3 dots above the Janina coat of arms (we can see one dot or bow more often).

Auction on Sunday from 10 am! We are already looking forward to it, and do you already have selected items for your collection?


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