At our Auction 9 – Wanted coins from the period of the Kingdom of Poland

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Ladies and gentlemen,

We have not been active on our Facebook profile for a long time, but we promise improvement and from today we are starting to actively reveal items from the upcoming offer!

We are aware that we have to compensate you, so we have prepared 4 items for today that should arouse the appetite for further coin presentations 😉

We must admit that once again our company’s auction offer should satisfy even the most demanding collectors!

We would like to remind you that our 9 main auction will take place on April 9-10 this year, while a month later you will have the opportunity to acquire new items for your harvest at our
E-Auction 10, which will take place on May 22 and depending on the amount of material will probably last 4 days.

Traditionally, at our auctions you will find selected items: coins, banknotes, medals, decorations, varia, accessories, eagles and many other items that should be of interest to a large group of collectors.

Without extending it, we invite you to see the promised items!

The first two coins should appeal to collectors who like the subject of the November Uprising, because at the auction we will have the pleasure to offer you 3 groszy minted in copper in a variant with straight eagle legs in a coat of arms and an excellent five zloty. Both coins are characterized by well-preserved details, as evidenced by the state of preservation of the coat of arms in a three-cent coin. It is worth looking at the sensitive places on this coin – the stripes in the shield or the quality of the rider’s stroke. As for the five-zloty coin, it has an intense mint shine and beautifully preserved details, and despite a few scratches, it is still an object of desire of many collectors.

The offer also includes coins from the period of the Kingdom of Poland, which are still missing from many, even advanced collections. The first is 25 zlotys of Alexander I minted in gold in 1817, while the second is silver 10 zlotys minted in 1823. Both coins, despite traces of circulation, have well-preserved details and mint shine, thanks to which they become even more desirable objects in advanced collections of 19th-century coins.

That’s it for today, but we invite you to keep a close eye on the profile, where new items will be published every day!


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