At our Auction 9 – Several coins of Stanisław August Poniatowski

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Stanisław August Poniatowski in the present world has both his supporters and opponents. His political decisions and governance are also assessed in many ways, depending on views on many issues. One thing is certain and we can definitely confirm at least one thing, he left behind an excellent piece of money history, which today eagerly collect many collectors in Poland.

As with other coins, collectors have different keys to collect coins of this ruler. The basic criterion is the division into copper, silver and gold coin collectors, and then collectors can narrow or broaden their horizons and combine their favorite denominations or individual coins.

Among both copper and silver coins, we can distinguish many years, types, subtypes, and each of them carries a separate history and is often characterized by different features. It is certainly a very grateful subject, but coins in the best condition can surprise many collectors.

In today’s post, we want to show you 2 silver coins and one copper coin. One of the prettiest coins in this section is the stamped 2-zloty coin from 1794 to 1795, which has the appearance of PROOFLIKE. An excellent, circumstantial specimen with wonderfully preserved details and an unusual mint gloss.

The second outstanding position is another 2 zloty coin, while it was minted in 1790. A coin with perfect details, very rare in this condition.

Finally, a pretty grosz from 1768. Variation with Gartenberg’s initials printed, without a period. With a characteristic stamp – the obverse with beam damage in R and the reverse with a double stamped last S in GROSSVS.


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