At our Auction 9 – Medal commemorating the coronation of Augustus II the Strong

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Probably each of us as a child wanted to become a king or a princess at least once. Some children’s dreams and games were able to turn into action and thanks to them today collectors all over the world can enjoy the eye with beautiful medals intended to commemorate “this day”.

Taking advantage of the free Saturday, we are pleased to invite you to familiarize yourself with the perfectly preserved, as for this issue, the compositionally captivating medal commemorating the coronation of Augustus the Strong.

Only the highest parts of the (otherwise high) relief are slightly muffled, which is reflected in the delicately curved details of the nose or the rich brooch that fastens the royal coat.

A perfectly preserved background with a beautiful gloss, with traces of dust removal typical for old medals.

An item with an outstanding presence – in our opinion, one of the most beautiful items from private collections that appeared on the auction market.

An additional flavor is the encoding (sometimes found on medals of this day) the date in the form of a chronogram on the obverse, where high letters: ID ICV V V V X X L V M give in total: 1+500+1+100+5+5+5+5+10+10+50+5+1000=1697. 

Obverse: centrally located three-fourths to the left bust of the monarch in armor, with a visible lining of the robe under the armor, in the royal mantle with visible rich ornaments, with a visible sash of sabers, in episode CORONAT 5/15 SEPTEMB (ris), legend along the rim:


Reverse: Hercules in a lion’s scalp, holding a club, holds in his right hand the royal crown over a pedestal with two crossed swords, in the episode an explanatory legend:

HERCULES/SAXONICUS, along the edge a legend: 


We cordially invite you to register at the open auction, to which we keep adding items in the open version. At the same time, due to the large number of questions, we would like to remind you that we are still working on the final version and what you see now evolves almost every day, to take its final shape in about a week.


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