At our Auction 9 – German coins

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For several auctions, German coins have been a strong group among foreign coins. In today’s post, we want to show you large coins, i.e. thalers, two-thaler and guilder, while the time for smaller ones will come in some time 🙂

One of the most interesting coins is the rare, nice thaler minted in Kempten for Engelbert von Syrgenstein, which has an excellent obverse and reverse, and in addition is in a nice condition with a lot of mint shine in the background. Another interesting specimen is the thaler minted in 1765 in Saalfeld. A beautiful piece with exquisite details and a perfect mint gloss with a subtle background freshness and delicate rubs. The coin is rarely listed in this condition.

The auction will also include the Saxon August thaler from 1576, the Saxon thaler of Frederick Augustus (later Duke of Warsaw) in excellent condition, minted in 1806, 2 thaler (3 and 1/2 guilder) from 1838, a very rare thaler wedding ceremony from Hannover, minted in a very low mintage, only 1010 copies, with perfectly preserved mint gloss and a charming patina.

There will also be a guilder from 1692 Brandenburg-Prussian Frederick III and a very interesting thaler from 1712 (Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel).

We hope you enjoy this taste and encourage you to bid on April 9-10. Have a nice day!


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