At our Auction 9 – Coins of Sigismund II Augustus

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During the promotion of the IX auction, we did not show the coins of Sigismund II Augustus, and it would be a sin not to mention the coins from this section!

Two pennies with the Jastrzębiec coat of arms are definitely the pride of this section – one with a small one and the other with a large one. The first is a very rare Tykocin half-grosz with a small coat of arms of Jastrzębiec, not extending beyond the rim.

The coin with the highest (except for unique items) rarity in the specialized, for Lithuanian coins, Ivanauskas catalog.

While the specimens with a large Hawk are at auctions, in the case of this variety one can speak of their individual occurrence.

Another extremely rare and sought-after coin of this ruler are obol coins. Small, inconspicuous coins, most often missing with metal defects. A very nice piece with a lot of preserved silver plating will appear at our auction.

The rarest variety of obol coins – with a monogram in the dial.

Other items worth noting for collectors of this period are two grosz coins, one from the mint in Vilnius and the other in Gdańsk. The first, stamped with a Polish rate, is a beautiful specimen with a delicate patina. It is the second year (1548) of an interesting issue with a value of 1-1 / 4 groszy per Lithuanian rate. The second one is a well-preserved specimen, minted in 1556.

Finally, 4 great half-grosz coins minted in the years 1547-1550 in Vilnius in high MS64-66 marks.

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