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Ladies and gentlemen.

The time has come for a few summaries, and the auction was record-breaking in several respects!

1. 5 zlotys 1932 Nike MS61, the coin that broke the magic barrier of 100,000 zlotys! A copy that was very popular both on the Internet and in our company with people watching auction items. An outstanding five zloty coin, which will please the new owner soon 

2. 5 zlotys 1928 Amrogowicz SP65 +, another item that arouses great interest due to an extremely interesting design and excellent condition. The final price exceeded PLN 57,000!

3. Lithuanian szóstak 1652, Jan Kazimierz. An indescribable copy with a D: G: G error, which Tyszkiewicz described for 120 marks in gold, found a new home for less than PLN 45,000.

4. One of the decorations of our auction, the Medal for the opening of the Main Assay Mint of Warsaw in 1851, aroused great emotions even before the auction, reaching the pre-bidding price from PLN 15,000 to PLN 30,000. Ultimately, the medal reached the price of PLN 42,000.

5 and 6. The ort coins of Jan Kazimierz were very popular at the auction. Accordingly, for the Toruń ort from 1664, the new buyer will pay over PLN 21,000, and for the ort of Wschowa from 1650 – almost PLN 16,000. The current trend shows that outstanding, representative coins are very popular and constitute a good investment, due to the ever higher prices of the coins of the Royal Poland.

7. 20,000 zlotys also exceeded the extremely popular grosz from 1709, the issue by various authors interpreted in a different way, but generally considered as a commemorative, attributed to the king’s mad love for Countess Cosel. An extremely characteristic specimen that will soon adorn the new collection 

8. Finally, the Sigismund III Vasa thaler, a coin that always arouses strong emotions among collectors. This was also the case this time, as the final price was PLN 18,880.

*all final prices are inclusive of auction fees

More summaries coming soon, see you soon!


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