At our Auction 8 – Ort coins of John II Casimir Vasa

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The Orth Department of John II Casimir Vasa is simply captivating in every possible form! Phenomenal states of conservation, various mints, rare varieties, specimen items and the number of items make this one of the most exciting parts of our auction!

To confirm our words, we invite you to review the ort coins from auction 8! At the beginning, the most beautiful ort of Wschowa from 1650 that appeared on the domestic market, mentioned some time ago. The second item is another great ort from the mint in Wschowa, but from 1651 from the collection of Mr. Pączkowski. The beautiful ort of Wschowa 1653 will also appear from this collection.

The auction will also include coins from the Kraków and Poznań Mints. The latter deserves special attention. It is the first specimen in the weak NGC of this extremely rare Poznań ort from the year 1659! Nicely stamped, with a beautiful patina and local mint gloss. Ort type with the Ślepowron coat of arms (of the Crown Treasurer Jan Kazimierz Krasiński) separating the legend of the reverse. J .K. Krasiński became the treasurer in the last months of 1659. hence very few coins with the Night Heron were minted. Extreme rarity, confirmed in Edmund Kopicki’s catalog, the highest, apart from unique items, grade – R8!
The author of the catalog only mentions two copies known to him.
The coin is not listed in the catalogs of Kamiński-Kurpiewski and Józef Tyszkiewicz.
In the national numismatic archives, this is only the second orth of this type in the span of over 30 years.

There will also be 2 Bydgoszcz orts from the collection of Mr. Pączkowski from 1667-1668 and a great collection of Toruń orts from 1659-1665. We recommend paying special attention to the special ortho from 1664 with the rare variant with the error THRVNENSIS instead of THORVNENSIS in the obverse legend and the error SUE: C in the reverse legend.
Coin occasionally traded, practically unavailable in mint condition. The specimen was appreciated by the highest, among the so far awarded, NGC grade.


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