At our Auction 8 – Interesting phaleristics and other collectibles

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Our auctions are not only coins and banknotes. It is also extremely interesting phaleristics and other collectibles that are difficult to buy at other auctions and exchanges. A very good example is the extremely rare kontusz sash from the famous Słuck manufactory of Leo Mażarski, which operated under his supervision in the period 1776-1806. A large fragment with both ends has been cut and sewn in half. Double-sided silk design with a classic pattern for this manufacture.
The item is extremely rare in trade, the vast majority of Slutsk belts are in museum collections.

Another value worth showing is the Polish Patriotic Historicism cutlery set for 5 people. On the elements there are beautiful Polish coats of arms from the reign of the Vasa dynasty.

The set is most likely made to order for a magnate, as evidenced by the luxurious workmanship. This type of cutlery in the historicist convention is sporadically listed on world markets, extremely sought after by collectors.
In such a large set (dinner and dessert cutlery), they are practically non-existent.
Items definitely worth recommending for the best collections.
The whole weighs 1.6 kg!

There will also be a Viennese cup with the image of Jan III Sobieski, an Officer’s Eagle by Alavoine of the Polish Armi in France (i.e. one of the rarest cap eagles!), An officer’s shoulder crest, a classic badge of an interesting paramilitary organization founded in Lviv in 1908 on the initiative of Wawrzyniec Dayczak, Orzeł na the enamel shield of the Polish Corps in the East or the patriotic eagle of the Polish diaspora in the USA.

All the values are excellent and very sought after, so we invite you to see other sections, and maybe this weekend you will expand your collection with a new branch

Meanwhile, we wish you a peaceful evening


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