At our Auction 8 – Beautiful trojak coins of Sigismund III Vasa

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Yesterday was without any value presentation, while today we want to show you some of the trojak coins from the upcoming auction, and they are simply outstanding! Of course, we are not able to show everything, but even these several items should encourage you to look at our offer!

When creating today’s post, we took into account only Sigismund III Vasa’s three-grosz coins, while there are many more selected items Today we will focus on a few mints and all coins will be graded NGC, additionally they will be in very high marks!

Let us start with one of the decorations in this section, i.e. the undescribed Lublin trojak from 1596 from the mint in Lublin. Selected, perfectly preserved, mint-colored specimen with a beautiful shine on the entire surface and in a charming patina. The highest grading score in the world from the renowned NGC company – for the three-piece from the Lublin mint!
In our opinion, the most beautiful specimen of this type on the market.

The second coin is also undefined and was also minted in 1596, but at the Poznań mint. A very rare type of coin with an abbreviated date with an eagle and a Pogoń at the top of the reverse. Tyszkiewicz valued this trojak at 25 gold marks! Punctuation variant, not described in Iger’s catalog, with a dot that begins the legend of the obverse.

The next 4 coins are from the Lublin mint and show how interesting busts were found in this mint. Subsequently, these are specimens from the years 1595-1598.
Typologically, the most interesting item is the coin from 1595, which Kopicki estimates the rarity of this trojak at R5.
Punctuation variant not described in the Iger’s catalog:
– on the obverse a dot after SIG, D and M and no dot after 3;
– on the reverse of the dot after GROS and TRIP. A trojak type with a small king’s head and the number 9 lying on the date.

The next 4 coins are Bydgoszcz coins from 1595-1599. Also delicious items with different busts and phenomenal state of preservation. All not described in Iger’s specialized trojak catalog!

At the end, two pairs from the Poznań Mint (1593 and 1597) and the Mint of Wschowa (1597 and 1599).

We deliberately do not attach all the photos to encourage you to look at our auction catalog, which has already been closed and is only waiting for limits and auctions



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