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We will start Friday with the Banner from the period of the Second Polish Republic, but one that is missing from most collections, even the advanced ones!

Until recently, the coin was still undescribed, but in 2019 it was discovered and described by the coin specialist of the Second Polish Republic, Mr. Mariusz Walendzik, whose discovery was immortalized in the recent publication of the specialist catalog of Mr. Janusz Parchimowicz.

The obverse stamp was used to stamp the offered specimen, used to mint a “deep” banner with a characteristic double date (during the production of the date stamp it was stamped twice,
but not perfectly in the same place).

The reverse is stamped with a stamp used for the trial of a 5 zloty with a mirror stamp without the word PRÓBA, with a characteristic greater distance between the right eagle’s wing and the edge, the base of the spar rests slightly on the left and wider on the right edge of the edge and
a characteristic initial J with a slight bend and atypical W (this stamp has been illustrated in the latest J. Parchimowicz catalog for the mirror minting of P.144b).

Thus, it is a new, second pair of stamps used for the production of this variety, not previously listed on the auction market.

The value was introduced by the reform of January 11, 1924. The coin was minted to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the November Uprising under the decree of the Minister of the Treasury from November 14, 1930. Circulation until November 1939.

The coin was minted in Warsaw in a circulation of 1,000,000, it was the first commemorative coin introduced into circulation in the Second Polish Republic. It is also the only circulation coin from the period of the Second Polish Republic that does not have the issuer’s name: ‘RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA’.

Obverse: state eagle of the design from 1927, below, the inscription 5 ZŁOTYCH 5 and the year 1930.

Reverse: A banner fluttering in the wind on a long pole topped with a flag eagle, with the inscription HONOR / I / OJCZYZNA in three lines, under the banner, a horizontal inscription in four lines: 1830 – 1930 / W SETNĄ / ROCZ – NICĘ / POW – STANIA separated by a banner pole. Border with dashed lines, on the bottom left the coat of arms of Kościesza – the mark of the State Mint in Warsaw, on both sides of the shaft, the initials of the designer Wojciech Jastrzębowski – W – J.


The II RP coin department will once again be extremely beautiful and interesting at our auctions, which you already have in the catalog of the upcoming auction on the Onebid platform


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